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About Jax

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About Jax

Few Fun facts about me

Lover of God, I love drinking water like it is replacement for wine, I am not a fan of pets, my favorite number is 7, I am a huge fan of Manchester United, I play video games like it’s food, not a fan of the cinema/movies but I do it for those I love. I love unripe plantain, and I love to play the piano.

Take a deeper look

My name is Chibueze. As you already know, I am a software developer with over eight years experience as a programmer, database manager, web designer, system analyst and administrative officer from Umuahia, Abia State, who loves to write software to build great products and help businesses succeed with their goals. I appreciate good design and I see it’s importance more than ever in today’s apps, websites, and products.

I have been working professionally in software development since 2006 in the web and mobile spaces with experience across the finance, transport, medical, hospitality (Hotel), pension and media domains. I occasionally dabble in game development and music production.

Question 1: What fuels your passion for your work?
Answer: Being relevant has always been important to me. One of the most satisfying moments in my career was being informed, about a year after I had moved on to a different project, that a software system I had written was still being used heavily and had been incorporated into a standard engineering design and development process. It was very satisfying to have significantly contributed to that particular workflow. I am motivated to see the fruits of my labor, relevant. I am motivated to contribute to business growth through my knowledge. I am currently contributing to OpenMrs (Open Medical Records System) because, part of their mission which is saving lives, is part of what drives me.

Question 2: Your hobby or passion outside of work.
Answer: My passion outside of work is music. I love to sing praises to God and play the piano. I have been playing piano, bass guitar for most of my life and was a backup artiste before I had slight issues with my voice. In University days, I played keyboard(Piano) for churches. Ariaria and Highlife are my favorite form of music.

Question 3: If you were president for a day, what would be the first law you would want to pass?
Answer:  I would pass a law that would give freedom to whoever that deserves it.

A New Era Begins.

I believe good work speaks for itself. Browse some of my projects in the portfolio section
and enjoy my handmade work with love for every detail.

Chibu Jax